CeMAP Level 3 Qualification – Paper 1

CeMAP Level 3 Qualification – Paper 1
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Paper 1 will be your first step to becoming a certified mortgage advisor. We have the full CeMAP course available, but we thought we’d break the course down into less overwhelming chunks for those who wish to stretch it out over a longer, more manageable timeframe.

CeMAP Paper 1 will teach you all about UK financial regulation, and the rules and guidelines you need to follow as a finance professional when it comes to giving mortgage advice in a professional environment.

The course covers the key points of UK financial regulation, where you will learn about the fundamental elements of the UK financial services industry, its purpose and structure, and how you will work towards gaining the full CeMAP qualification by gaining knowledge and advising homeowners yourself.

What Will I Learn?

There are two units to CeMAP Paper 1 and this course covers both of those units:

  • Explore the structure and purpose of the UK financial services industry
  • Why regulation is such as important area to understand as a professional
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • FCA Regulation and its conduct of business rule
  • Legal concepts, how they are relevant to the advice you give, and how legislation and regulation work together within the financial services industry
  • UK taxation and social security systems
  • Dealing with compensation claims and complaints
  • Interest rates and how they can affect a mortgage customer in both a positive and negative way

Advantages of the Course

  • Break down your training into manageable courses for a controlled learning experience
  • Learn the key factors of UK financial regulation so you can understand the rules and guidelines behind your profession
  • The first steps to getting a “licence to practice”
  • 24/7 access to the course materials for one year
  • Tutor support available
  • Extension available should you need it
Introduction To Financial Services Environment And Products
  • Introduction To Financial Markets
  • Taxation
  • Welfare And Benefits
  • Financial Assets
  • Life Cover And Income Protection
  • Pension And Retirement
  • Mortgages And Borrowing
  • Legal Principles And Financial Planning
UK Regulations
  • Financial Services And Regulation
  • High Level Standards Sourcebook
  • Prudential Standards Sourcebook
  • Regulatory Processes Sourcebook
  • Business Standards Sourcebook
  • Redress And Specialist Sourcebook
Mock Exam
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