CeMAP Level 3 Qualification – Paper 2 & 3

CeMAP Level 3 Qualification – Paper 2 & 3
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This CeMAP package will allow you to continue your studies towards the full CeMAP qualification by building on the UK financial regulations knowledge you were taught in the units that make up Paper 1

You will study the mortgage specific products and subjects that are available in the UK and learn how to apply all the knowledge you have attained in a practical environment with real-world scenarios.

Becoming a Mortgage Advisor

Many finance professionals get the CeMAP qualification to increase their offering to a wider client base. Advising on mortgages also brings greater client retention and consistent income streams over a long period due to the nature of mortgage loans.

It is a financially rewarding career choice in an industry that is known for being lucrative, with many different companies looking for qualified mortgage advisors to meet this growing need for property buyers as “Generation Rent” turns to Generation Buy.

About This CeMAP Package

This two-course package is for aspiring mortgage advisors and finance professionals who have already started working towards the CeMAP qualification through purchasing Paper 1, and now need to push on to the next step so they can complete their certification.

Once you have completed the course and the exams (not included), you will be able to help property buyers navigate their way through the specialist field of mortgages.

What Will I Learn?

  • Mortgage law, practice, policies, and markets
  • Mortgage products, rates, valuations, surveys and up-to-date legislation
  • Understand the implications of mortgage problems on homebuyers
  • Property value and implications
  • Planning consent in relation to extensions and property development
  • Interest rates, repayment options and the insurance options that are associated
  • How a mortgage can be transferred and the implications of non-payment and breach of contract
  • Practically apply your knowledge so that you can implement everything you’ve learned into real-world scenarios
  • How to ensure the practices you learn adhere to the ethical and regulatory framework


  • Learn the specifics of mortgage products and services
  • Know how to apply your knowledge practically
  • Work towards obtaining a “licence to practice”
  • 24/7 access to the course materials for one year
  • Tutor support available
  • Extension available should you need it
Paper 2: Mortgages (MORT)
Mortgage Law, Policy And Markets
  • Mortgage Law
  • Lending Practice
  • Legislation
Mortgage Applications
  • MCOB Rules
  • Ethical Advice
  • Lender’s Security
Mortgage Payment Methods And Products
  • Repayment Methods
  • Interest Calculation And Features
  • Schemes To Assist Home Buyers
  • Insurance And Policies
Paper 3: Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (ASSM)
Assessment Of Mortgage Advice Knowledge
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