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CeMAP Certificate in Mortgage Advice (Modules 2 & 3)

CeMAP Certificate in Mortgage Advice (Modules 2 & 3)
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What is the CeMAP Module 2 & 3 Online Course? 

The ‘Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice’ (CeMAP) Modules 2 & 3 course takes the knowledge you gained from the CeMAP Module 1 Online course and expands that knowledge into more advanced topics. Each module is broken down as follows:

  •  CeMAP Module 2: This module will equip you with an in-depth understanding of the mortgage application process. You’ll learn what products are available and the issues borrowers may experience after completion, as well as get to grips with mortgage law 
  •  CeMAP Module 3: This final module teaches you how to apply the knowledge you gained during Modules 1 & 2 to realistic scenarios you may face as a Mortgage Adviser

As UK mortgages are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it has become mandatory for students to earn their ‘licence to practice’ by gaining the essential qualifications required to legally work in this sector, and to be able to offer professional mortgage advice.

The CeMAP Modules 2 & 3 certification is an RQF level 3 qualification, awarded by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and accredited by Ofqual and with 80% of Mortgage Advisers holding CeMAP qualifications in the UK, it has become the benchmark certification to obtain in this industry. 

This online course can be accessed at a time and place that suits you, and is made up of interactive and stimulating quizzes, video tutorials and questions to help you confidently pass the exam. Upon successful completion of CeMAP Modules 2 & 3 exams (as well as the CeMAP Module 1 exam), you’ll be able to begin applying for jobs in practising firms, banks, or work as an independent Adviser.

Our students typically complete the CeMAP Modules 2 & 3 course within 6 months, (which is equivalent to around 140 hours of learning). During these 6 months, you will have full access to our eLearning training material (which can be extended if required at an additional fee).     

In addition to this, you’ll also receive unlimited Tutor Support, which enables you to discuss any specific topics you are finding difficult to understand with one of our experienced mentors. 

This course is eligible for a TOTUM PRO Card. Details on how to receive this card will be sent out after enrolment.

Is the CeMAP Module 2 & 3 qualification right for me?  

This CeMAP Modules 2 & 3 online course has been created for students who prefer to self-study from the comfort of their own home, at a pace, location and time that suits them. If you find it easier to learn in a group setting, our CeMAP Virtual Classroom training course may be more suited to you. 


There are no prerequisites to enrol on the CeMAP Modules 2 & 3 course, however it is recommended that you first complete the CeMAP Module 1 course and exam (if you have not already done so). It is also beneficial for students to have basic maths skills and be able to read and write English at an intermediate level.

Where could the qualification take me next? 

CeMAP qualifications are highly recognised and are a mark of excellence in the finance industry. There is always a requirement for Mortgage Advisers and due to the shortfall of qualified candidates, students who have CeMAP certifications are currently in high demand.

Whether you wish to work as a self-employed Mortgage Adviser, or work for a bank or practising firm, you must first complete and successfully pass all 3 CeMAP modules and exams. (If you haven’t already, enrol onto the CeMAP Module 1 course and then pass the exam to earn your full CeMAP qualification).

Other job roles you could apply for include:

  •  Private Banking Assistant – £33k*
  •  Relationship Support Assistant – £33k*
  •  Protection Adviser – £50k*
  •  Business Owner – Mortgage Adviser – £30-£55k+* 

Working as a Mortgage Adviser can be incredibly rewarding; as well as job satisfaction, Mortgage Advisers receive excellent commission rates. Average earnings of a Mortgage Broker in the UK start at around £30k* per year, with the potential to exceed £50k when targets have been met.

As you develop your career and grow your experience in the sector, you will have further opportunities to apply for senior managerial positions that pay considerably higher.  

(*Source: Indeed)

Why choose to study with us

As well as being the leading provider of CeMAP training in the UK with a 93% pass success, this course includes: 

  •  Unlimited tutor support
  •  Practice mock exams to help you prepare for your exam
  •  6 months access to our eLearning course material
  •  100% online access, allowing you to study anytime, anywhere that suits you
  •  Updated syllabus reflecting the most recent financial regulations
  •  Regular webinars with our mentors for additional support
  •  UK Best Price Guarantee
  •  Interest-Free Payment Options

CeMAP Course Syllabus 

Once you have successfully completed the CeMAP Modules 2 & 3 exams, you’ll be awarded with a Level 3 Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP). The topics are broken down in the following units:   

CeMAP Level 2:

  •  Policies and practices that affect mortgages
  •  Mortgage Laws
  •  Insurance Policies
  •  Post completion issues and arrears
  •  Complete sales process in relation to mortgage advising 

CeMAP Level 3:

  •  Assessment of mortgage advice knowledge – This assessment tests your understanding of the technical details to assess your ability to apply the knowledge covered. 

By the end of this two-part course, you will:

  •  Learn about mortgage law, practise, policy and markets
  •  Understand the home buying process, mortgage products, rates and valuations
  •  Discover what factors can affect the value of a property and the implications this may have on buyer
  •  Learn the importance of planning consent regarding extensions and development
  •  Understand interest rates, repayment, and insurance options
  •  Apply your knowledge to real-life scenarios, while building up your confidence

CeMAP Exams  

Due to the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic, Pearson Vue Centres are undergoing changes to their examination schedules. To find out more about the current situation, please visit the dedicated Pearson Vue Coronavirus update page.

Module 2 is a 2-hour objective exam, made up of 100 multiple-choice questions. The Module 3 exam is also a 2-hour objective exam however it consists of 6 case studies, each with 10 linked multiple-choice questions. The exams focus on the mortgage application process and how to apply all the knowledge you gained into real-world scenarios, including:   

  •  Unit 3 – Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets
  •  Unit 4 – Mortgage Applications
  •  Unit 5 – Mortgage Payment Methods and Products
  •  Unit 6 – Mortgage Arrears and Post Completion Issues
  •  Unit 7 – Assessment of Mortgage Advice and Knowledge 

For CeMAP there is an exam fee of £202 per exam (£606 for all three exams) and this fee is paid directly to LIBF. You can apply to take your exam anytime throughout the year, including via a test centre or remote invigilation online. The cost of a re-sit exam is £170 per exam.

For CeRER there is an exam fee of £235. The cost of a re-sit exam is £170.

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