Why CeMAP?

The housing market is ever growing, there are new homes being constructed all the time and homeowners are continuously investing in renovation projects. Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous change in habits within the industry, "whether it's related to the bank's lending habits", people’s ability to borrow, changes in house pricing or the challenges of getting on the housing ladder for the first time. All these issues mean there is an ever growing demand for qualified professionals to guide buyers towards the single biggest purchase they will make in their lives – their home.

The first essential step towards becoming a mortgage advisor or having a respected job in the sector is to get the right qualifications. There is one mandatory qualification which you simply cannot do without: CeMAP, the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice.

Why train with us?

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Delivered via E-Learning

Full qualification awarded after passing examination

Full qualification awarded after passing examination

12 months, unlimited access to course content.

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Career Information

Mortgage Advisor (United Kingdom)
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CeMAP Level 3 Qualification (QCF)

Paper 1

Demonstrate your abilities as a mortgage adviser by gaining a CeMAP qualification in UK financial regulation.

Paper 2 & 3

The full CeMAP qualification will prove that you have the knowledge and training to fully satisfy regulatory standards.

Paper 1, 2 &3

Drive your career forward with this CeMAP training and plunge into the world of mortgage advice, with this complete training.