Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

CeMAP Certificate in Mortgage Advice (Modules 1, 2 & 3)

Buying a house and getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decision we make in our lifetime, and most people seek advice from a professional Mortgage Adviser, to discuss the best options for them.  

The role of a Mortgage Adviser is to help individuals decide which of the many financial products, services and providers is best for them. You must be qualified to provide advice and the benchmark qualification for Mortgage Advisers in the UK is a ‘Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice’ (CeMAP), with 80% of Mortgage Advisers in the UK holding a CeMAP qualification. 

Our CeMAP course online includes CeMAP 1CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3 training, which will provide you with all the knowledge required for you to pass your CeMAP exams and become a qualified Mortgage Adviser in the UK.

Earning your CeMAP certificates will show that you have earned a highly recognised achievement of excellence for Mortgage Advice. 

Throughout this CeMAP course online training, you will cover the essential knowledge and skills required to pass your official CeMAP exams and become an official Mortgage Adviser. 

This training course is also available in a Virtual Classroom format.

This course is eligible for a TOTUM PRO Card.

Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exam: Available via Awarding Body
  • Tutor Support Included
  • Course Access: 6 months
  • 1,000's of successful CeMAP delegates
  • 24/7 access
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exam: Available via Awarding Body
  • Tutor Support Included
  • Course Access: 6 months
  • 1,000's of successful CeMAP delegates
  • 24/7 access
Alternative delivery method
About the Course
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Course Details

Why study a CeMAP course online with e-Careers? 

We are the UK’s leading provider of CeMAP training courses and we are proud of our 93% pass success. We also offer interest-free payment options.

We’ve made it easier to study from home with our online training course, which gives you 6-months unlimited access. Our CeMAP course online is engaging, with video tutorials, interactive lessons and end of module quizzes.  

We're proud of our excellent rating on Trustpilot, with over 14,000 reviews from our past students.

You will also benefit from:   

Updated Syllabus – We use the latest CeMAP syllabus to ensure your training materials are up to date and your knowledge is current, helping you to prepare for a career as Mortgage Adviser.  

Flexibility – This CeMAP course gives you the skills, knowledge and certifications required to work for a firm specialising in mortgage advice, or for a Bank. You can also start your own business and provide mortgage advice as a freelance Mortgage Adviser.    

Work at your own pace – With 6 months unlimited access to the CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2, and CeMAP 3 training materials, you have more than enough time to complete this course in full, at your own pace. You can study where and when it suits you best.   

Job satisfaction – A career as a Mortgage Adviser can have its challenges, but you can take pride in your work and have real job satisfaction, by helping people buy their new homes, knowing that you helped along their way.    

Weekly Webinar - Each week we run a 1-2 hour webinar, covering different topics that will help you with your studies. The fourth week is always a summary webinar of the previous three webinars.

Unlimited Tutor Support – We understand there may be moments when you are struggling to understand concepts or principles throughout this course, so we have included our unlimited Tutor Support for you and no extra cost!  Our professional tutors (with over 19 years' experience), are available to help you with questions on topics you may be struggling with. They will also hold regular webinars, to go through other topic areas in more detail.  

Check out our useful CeMAP exam and revision tips.

Other Benefits of this training course include: 

  •    Fully qualify in 12 months.
  •    Online study that fits around your life.
  •    Use the CeMAP designation after your name once you qualify.
  •    Access to career support and guidance.
  •    Invitation to attend events and webinars from industry leaders.

Is a CeMAP training course suitable for me? 

If you want to train to become a Mortgage Adviser in the UK, a CeMAP course is the best route to take, with over 80% of Mortgage Advisers in the UK holding this qualification. You’ll gain your licence to practise as a Mortgage Adviser when you pass your CeMAP training and exams, which is a legal requirement to practice in the UK.     

There are no prerequisites required to enrol onto our CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2, and CeMAP 3 training course, but we recommend you have a good understanding of the English language and basic maths skills.   

After completing your full CeMAP training course, you have the choice to work for yourself as a freelance Mortgage Adviser, or to work directly for a practising firm or bank. 

How long does it take to get a CeMAP qualification online? 

If you’re new to this industry, you may ask yourself how long does it take to get a CeMAP qualification?

While we allow 6-months full access to our online training course, we find that most of our students finish their CeMAP qualification training in under 6 months. With approximately 210 hours of learning, it depends on the time you can dedicate to your studies. 

What jobs can I apply for after my CeMAP training course? 

This CeMAP package includes training for CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2, and CeMAP 3. Once you have completed this training, you will gain the knowledge and certifications required to legally practice in the UK and enable you to apply for jobs as a Mortgage Adviser, Protection Adviser, or work within the public and private banking sectors. 

Typical Job Roles and Salaries 

There is a lack of Mortgage Advisers in the UK and a real need for qualified individuals to work in this industry. Now the ideal time to train towards a career as a Mortgage Adviser.  

An average salary for a Mortgage Adviser is £30k* per annum, however, your earning potential increases with a generous commission scheme. It’s not uncommon for Mortgage Advisers to earn over £50k* per annum once commission has been added. After you have trained in this sector for a few years and gained more work experience, you could look to a career in management, and increase your earning potential.  

Other job roles include: 

  •    Private Banking Assistant – £33k*
  •    Relationship Support Assistant – £33k*
  •    Protection Adviser – £50k*
  •    Business Owner – Mortgage Adviser – £30-£55k+* 

(*Source: Indeed) 

Essential Skills 

  •    Be an excellent communicator.
  •    Explain complex information to clients.
  •    Have confidence in your abilities, especially with maths.
  •    Always deliver excellent customer service.
  •    Drive and ambition to reach sales targets.
  •    IT skills and good time-management skills.

CeMAP Syllabus 

After finishing your full CeMAP training for CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2, and CeMAP 3, you will earn your Level 3 Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, allowing you to work as a Mortgage Adviser and provide legal mortgage advice in the UK.   

Delegates can now sit their exams from the comfort and safety of their own homes, while maintaining exam conditions, and be monitored by an invigilator. All CeMAP modules and eligible for Remote Invigilation.

CeMAP 1 explores the Financial Services Environment, product range and UK Financial Services regulation. You will also learn about the Data Protection Act 1998, the FCA regulation, and UK taxation.   

CeMAP 2 provides you with the knowledge of the mortgage application process, such as potential issues borrowers may face once they have completed the buying process and understand mortgage law.

CeMAP 3 teaches you how to apply all that you have learnt in CeMAP 1 and CeMAP 2 into typical scenarios you will face as a professional Mortgage Adviser. 

What are the CeMAP modules? 

CeMAP 1 

  •    Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products
  •    UK Financial Services and Regulation 


  •    Policies and practices that affect mortgages
  •    Mortgage Laws
  •    Insurance Policies
  •    Post completion issues and arrears
  •    Complete sales process in relation to mortgage advising 


  • Assessment of mortgage advice knowledge. This module will test your understanding of the technical details to assess your ability to apply the knowledge covered in the previous modules.

CeMAP 1 Exam Details

The exam for CeMAP 1 covers the course materials learned throughout the module, focusing on UK Financial Regulation (UKFR) including:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products
  • Unit 2 – UK Financial Services and Regulation

The exam will comprise of a 2-hour objective exam, with 50 multiple-choice questions for each unit.

CeMAP 2 Exam Details

The exam for CeMAP 2 covers the course materials learned throughout module 2, with a focus on the mortgage application process, including:

  • Unit 3 – Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice & Markets
  • Unit 4 – Mortgage Applications
  • Unit 5 – Mortgage Payment Methods & Products
  • Unit 6 – Mortgage Arrears & Post Completion Issues

CeMAP 3 Exam Details

The exam for CeMAP 3 covers the course materials learned throughout module 3, with a focus on how to apply all the knowledge gained into real-world scenarios, including:

  • Unit 7 – Assessment of Mortgage Advice & Knowledge

The exam for CeMAP 2 will be a 2-hour objective exam, comprising 100 multiple-choice questions and the CeMAP 3 exam will be a 2-hour objective exam comprising 6 case studies, each with 10 linked multiple-choice questions.

Exam information for CeMAP

All CeMAP modules and eligible for Remote Invigilation.

For CeMAP there is an exam fee of £202 per exam (£606 for all three exams) and this fee is paid directly to LIBF. You can apply to take your exam anytime throughout the year, including via a test centre or remote invigilation online. The cost of a re-sit exam is £170 per exam.

For CeRER there is an exam fee of £235. The cost of a re-sit exam is £170.

If you require some study and exam helps, check out our CeMAP Exam tips blog.

Is this course valid in Scotland?

CeMAP is a widely recognised mortgage qualification that can be studied and practiced in England, Wales and Scotland. While this course is based on the England and Wales syllabus, the Scottish regulatory framework for mortgage advice is closely aligned with the English framework. The slight differences between the English and Scottish modules are specifically in Module 2: Mortgage Advice Procedures, and Module 3: Mortgage Practice Issues. These differences are related to the specific legal and regulatory requirements that apply to mortgage advisors in each country.

Therefore, you can complete this CeMAP course and apply for a Scottish mortgage adviser's license without having to retake any of the modules. 

To make sure that you meet the requirements for practicing as a mortgage adviser in Scotland, you should inform the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) when you register for the CeMAP course that you are a Scottish student. The LIBF will then ensure that you receive the correct course materials and will guide you through the process of applying for a Scottish mortgage adviser's license.



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