• What is a mortgage?

    A mortgage is a type of loan that a bank or mortgage lender provides to help fund the purchase of a house. A mortgage is usually 80-90% of the property’s value, with the first 10% being paid as a deposit. The property you purchase then acts as collateral in exchange for the money you are borrowing. There are many different types of mortgage and the type you choose will depend on different factors.

  • What is a Mortgage Advisor?

    A Mortgage Advisor is a finance employee with specialist knowledge in mortgage products and different options for homeowners and first-time buyers. The Mortgage Advisor has the responsibility of offering mortgage advice and finding the best option for their client’s financial situation.

  • Where are Mortgage Advisors employed?

    Mortgage Advisors are usually employed in banks, estate agents, building societies, mortgage brokers and financial service consultancies. It’s also possible to work independently. There are different roles that you can go into as well: Mortgage Advisor, Senior Mortgage Advisor, Mortgage Broker and Underwriting Manager, to name a few.

  • How to become a Mortgage Advisor

    An industry recognised qualification is legally required, and CeMAP is the UK’s most renowned mortgage advice certification, with over 80% of professionals holding it. CeMAP allows them to apply for a “licence to practice” and that licence then offers them the opportunity to give mortgage advice to clients. You won’t need previous experience in the finance industry or housing market to begin and you will learn everything you need to become a Mortgage Advisor within the course. You will need Maths skills, but nothing that is beyond a basic understanding.

  • What is the recommended study time for the CeMAP course?

    It is recommended that you spend 60 hours studying per paper.

  • What if I don’t feel ready for the exams?

    Our courses include mock tests and thorough exam preparation:Our classroom courses are taught using real-life scenarios and case studies, taught by an industry professional, so you can pick their brains and have a true understanding of how to implement your knowledge. This is also why we offer our Exam Pass Guarantee, because we’re so confident you’ll be ready to pass your exams first time. Our online courses include unlimited mock examinations which are formatted to be similar to the official exams. These are an excellent indicator of how ready you truly are for your official exams; do you keep passing the mocks? You are ready.